Welcome to the Future Daytime Indoor Festival


Welcome to the Future does it again, and inside and in the daytime. What an ideal formula they have! The Elementenstraat Warehouse is a fantastic venue with great sound and a nice underground vibe. After feeling somewhat disappointed with the most recent Dockyard Festival’s sound quality (due to being in tents instead of actual rooms), I was so happy to find everything here just perfect.

I went with my new partner in crime, Sasha, and was set to meet up with a bunch more techno lovers throughout the day. On arrival, we were treated to DJ Mirella Kroes, and I soon realized that this set was going to be very special. She started out completely ambient, and slowly worked us up into a total frenzy. Let me note that this is NOT EASY to do, taking a room from empty and filling it up so early in an event. She took a pic of us at the end of her set,wttf maybe you can find me somewhere in the corner there… 😉




Next up was Joran van Pol, who I first saw this summer at a little local rave called “The Neighbors,” which frankly was not one of the most exciting events I attended this year, that is, until Joran came on. WOW! Soooo glad I stayed for him, and so glad to see him on the lineup for this event.

joranHe’s super talented and recently I caught him on Facebook doing a live, interactive session where he worked on his tracks and took questions. I loved it! So when he arrived at WTTF I had to introduce myself, and he is a total sweetheart. I love it when they are such nice people.

Our friends gradually arrived during his set, and I could tell they were blown away as well. I expect Joran is going straight to the top, just as he deserves. Catch him if you can!

The best part of all? Everyone was dancing and no one had their phone in front of their face. Awesome vibe.

Then came our beloved Cari Lekebusch, playing with a lady DJ named Zoe. I enjoyed the set, but didn’t particularly enjoy the MCing of Zoe – I never have a need for anyone to talk to me or sing to me during a techno set. Still, I liked their music, and his infectious smile and enthusiasm are always a joy to watch.

See what I mean? 🙂

Next up was Egbert, simply not one of my favorites. I wandered around the rest of the event restlessly until the next DJ, who was also good but not great. I can’t even remember who it was – so as you can see, the event started out super strong and the music kind of petered out slowly from there. By the time the last DJ came on, Dave Clarke, I was exhausted and had to leave. He’s a bit too hard and fast for my taste anyway.

Overall, despite the moderate musical decline, I’m really pleased with how the event went, the sound quality, and the overall vibe of both the people and the venue. It’s events like this that make me feel that Awakenings just doesn’t deliver quite the unique experience some of these other organizations do. WTTF knows what they are doing!




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