Top DJ Headphones


Pioneer Headphones

No matter whether you are digital DJing or mixing on turntables, your headphones need to be of as high quality as possible. Professional DJ headphones will make all the difference in your ability to hear the details of the music and mix well – or horribly. This is because DJing is, these days, about much more than stringing one song into another, and it’s also about much more than just beatmatching. It’s about layering tracks on top of each other, preferably for as long as possible, in order to create a pleasing transition between tracks. This takes attention to detail, which only top DJ headphones can provide – especially if you are playing for other people (and not alone in your bedroom), which means there will be lots of sound around you competing for your attention. Professional DJ headphones will block out as much as possible of that sound, while revealing the details of your tracks to you.

No matter how new you are to DJing, your DJ headphones are the link to how to mix. If you can’t hear the tune and the beats in your headphones clearly while trying to mix, you’re going to have a lot of trouble. Make sure when you choose yours, they sound great (a good solid bass drum, with crisp high frequencies, and a mid range that doesn’t make your ears quivver in pain!) are comfortable to wear and preferably have a closed back to the ear-cups in order to reduce external noise.

If possible, listen to them in a room with lots of other sounds around and see how well you can hear the detail of a track you know well.

In terms of brands, Sennheiser HD25’s are a very good choice, as are the Pioneer DJs – those are the ones I’ve always used.