Cozy Club Goes Massive: Toffler Festival – Rotterdam, May 21, 2016

Toffler is a fantastic, teeny weeny club literally in the underground in Rotterdam. I go there often because it’s the closest thing to Boiler Room that we’ve got here. You can get right up front, inches away from the DJ. However Toffler is known around here as “The Tunnel,” because that’s what it’s like. You can maybe fit 10 or 15 people across, and a few hundred going back.

Toffler tunnel

The vibe at Toffler is always rich and fun. So when I heard they were going to have a big outdoor electronic dance music festival, I was intrigued. The lineup was killer, with Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Sam Paganini, and my current heartthrob, Tale of Us. Toffler Festival was really, really nice. Of course the perfect weather gave it an advantage many in the Netherlands don’t have.

Me and Peter at Toffler

There I am with my friend Peter from Rotterdam – smiles all around!

Something very interesting I noticed about this festival was that it was much more multicultural than the festivals in Amsterdam. I’d say half the attendees were white, and half were all the other colors of the rainbow. Very refreshing. My biggest complaint was the lack of free drinking water: who does that these days?! Other than that I thought it was spectacularly organized and laid out; somehow they brought the gezellig feeling from their tiny little club into a multi-thousand person electronic dance music event.

toffler5 toffler4

They’ll be doing an indoor daytime festival in November – You can be sure I’ll be checking that out!

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