Thuishaven – Daytime Parties Return!

I was always impressed by an event organization in Spain called El Row, because they injected color back into techno parties. I get the simple, black, strobe light idea of techno, because you’re supposed to focus on the music rather than the spectacle. But sometimes, you’re just in the mood for a bit of fun, and El Row infused a carnival atmosphere into all their parties. They have been so successful they are now touring the world with their events, so I guess some techno lovers DO love color, at least sometimes.

Enter Thuishaven’s “Winter Circus” in the Netherlands.

This is a great venue, with a beachy outdoor space and three music areas. I really loved the crowd, which was one of the oldest I’ve ever seen, but still quite mixed. Friendly and down to earth, colorful all around. Speaking of color, inside, they have lots of fun decorations that really enhance the mood.

In terms of music, it wasn’t the best party I’ve ever attended, although it was all good. I love Monika Kruse, but I found myself bored by the end of her set. Secret Cinema has gone back to his “usual routine,” which means I know all the tracks – so I left during his set to venture to the other space where Bart Skils was playing.

 All I can say is WOW! I had my happiest musical moments with him – a pure, rich, tapestry of techno. I stayed there blissed out for an hour towards the end of the party, and I will be sure to check him out again. However, we passed by him again on our way out, and there was a dismaying amount of *singing* going on during his set. Some remake of some pop song, made into techno…we quickly left the venue at that point. So I offer my recommendation of Bart Skils to you with that caveat – let me know what you think of him if you’ve heard him before.

We had a lovely group of party people from the Techno Lover’s Meetup – maybe we’ll see you at one of our outings soon?

Thuishaven happens most weekends, but I’ve heard that it is pretty much the same from event to event in terms of the decorations and feel, so I might not go again for a while. Next up is DGTL in Amsterdam, a massive two day fest that promises to be an exciting alternative to Awakenings 20 year anniversary. I swear, I really do live in techno heaven. Come join me for a party! Write me at


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