The latest, greatest professional DJ mixer!

play-differently-model-1-top-large-584x600Intriguing! Obviously this is not DJ equipment for beginners, and I’m not in the market for a high-end professional DJ mixer these days. However the idea of something different for our treasured DJs does appeal and I’m always interested in what they are using up there in the stratosphere of DJland. It was co-designed by Richie Hawtin himself.

This analogue mixer has no crossfader, 6 channels, and more options than any other mixer out there. According to the website: “MODEL 1 has a unique offering of six fully featured input channels plus two stereo returns in a small format frame. It has many features not currently available on any comparable device, such as Input pre-amplifier drive control, hybrid filter/swept bell EQ, dual cue system, dual mixer linking system, and a fully balanced Tascam DB25 connector system. A fully balanced mix buss, zero crossing detection for seamless filter & master EQ routing along high voltage differential power rails.”

I have no idea what most of that means.

Play differently backApparently Adam Beyer and Dubfire are going to be playing with it this year.

Not for the faint of heart: £2500/$3650, £50/$73 flat rate shipping worldwide + taxes.

You can currently only order it direct from the website.





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