Take care of your hearing

I know, I know, earplugs ruin the sound, right? Not necessarily! Leave it to the expert Adam Beyer to do things right. When I was a DJ I was made aware that there were special musician’s ear plugs that let you actually hear the music while still protecting your ears. Now they’re getting smart and offering them to clubbers, festival goers and ravers. For a little more money, you can enjoy the music much more than with those muffling foam earplugs. HearSafe earplugs

Drumcode earplugs

Drumcode offers excellent earplugs for about €18 and they do the job without muffling things all up. Highly recommended – and will let you keep enjoying the music into old age (trust me on this one). I’ve also just ordered HearSafe protective earplugs from Amazon.co.uk and will give them a try at my next event this coming weekend. I find them particularly good at festivals, where I like to get all up and close to the front, where the music really is intolerable without protection. Up there and with earplugs, it feels like you’re getting a massage from the music. 🙂