Not the best DJ set, but an awesome party anyway

Trooped off to Bloemendaal Aan Zee on Sunday, to the Woodstock beach club. This despite not hearing the best DJ set online from the proposed artists (“Sunday Breakfast”), and despite the day starting out cloudy, cool and windy. Woodstock is a lovely venue and I figured I might as well get outside and enjoy the day and enjoy seeing my good friend Folami who just bought an apartment not too far from the venue. Lucky!

Woodstock in Bloemendaal, NetherlandsAnyway, I was pleasantly surprised on arrival – the sun came out, and the music was quite good! I later realized it was so good because it was the residents playing, and not the guest artists. To be fair, the guest DJs were good, just not great. They had at least one of the three important qualities of a great DJ: they chose great tracks that we loved to dance to. Their technical mixing skills weren’t very good (although to be fair it was very windy, and spinning vinyl outdoors in windy conditions is not easy). They also didn’t seem to create much of a journey.

The fact that we had an awesome time speaks to the other aspects of a great party: a nice venue, friendly people, friendly staff and good quality sound. All of these were present and accounted for, so we really enjoyed ourselves and danced a lot more than I thought we would. Great way to spend a Sunday evening!