Secret Cinema at Club Poema in Utrecht

secret-cinemaI wondered how it would feel after Berghain, going to a small club in Utrecht for a mere 7-hour party. Would it feel like a blip, over too fast? However I knew the DJ, Secret Cinema, was a super talent, so I didn’t think it could go far wrong.

The other concern was that I had heard that Poema was frequented by very young people, which can be great or not; it just depends on how into the music vs. the beer they are. I was literally embarrassed once for world-class DJ Dubfire, when I went to a club in Den Haag and it was full of beer swilling, girl-groping frat boys, singing their own songs, arm in arm, instead of paying attention to the music. It was awful. However I saw a video clip of Secret Cinema at Poema last year and everyone looked into it, so I felt optimistic – and I was not disappointed!

poemaThe crowd was young, very friendly and into it. One of my favorite sights in the world is a man of any age, dancing happily, totally into the music. This place was full of beautiful 20-somethings with big smiles and great dance moves. Wonderful.

As usual, Secret Cinema delivered, masterfully building up the energy minute by minute. He knows what a DJ is supposed to do! He always sees me at his events (Uber-groupie here) and we connected from time to time. The result of my 14-hour “training” in Berlin meant that the end of this night seemed to come more quickly, but I still felt satisfied and went home and straight to sleep. Next event won’t be til January 1, 2017 – going to head back to Awakenings after a long break from them. What’s your next event? Let me know in the comments; I’m always interested in hearing what else is going on and what DJs I should not miss.

Happy holidays everyone!


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