Psychedelic Trance. A little break from techno.

shut up and dance 1016

I really like psychedelic trance music. A lot. However, as with all genres, there’s a range of styles and types, and the most common type of psy trance, a very frenetic, fast (and fun) , style of trance, can exhaust me pretty quickly. It’s around 150 bpm! (Compare that to techno’s 125-130). I went to the Psy-Fi festival in Leeuwarden last year, and that was amazing and wonderful. There were lots of stages, including a stage in the forest that had DJs who played a mix of psy-trance and techno – the best psychedelic trance I’ve ever heard, and a bit slower and easier to dance to. We spent 3 days camping there and had a blast. I think something like 30,000 people were there.

This time it will be just one stage (and just one night), and 1/10th the number of people. I wonder if the music will exhaust me quickly or if I’ll be able to stay the distance. At least it’s on the beach, which means I can distance myself to take breaks as needed, and enjoy the lovely views. Will report back on how it all goes.



Woweee that was amazing! Every time I go to a psytrance event, I tell myself I should do more of them. It was on a beautiful beach at sunset and went well beyond, til 4am. I made it til almost the end! The crowd was a lovely mix of ages with lots like me around. I went with a new friend who loves the music and two total newbie first timers who both enjoyed themselves – one of them seemed totally amazed. I hope he’ll go to more events with us! The music started out nice and slow, the way I like it, and built up gradually. It never got toooo fast for me, thankfully. There were bonfires and fire dancers, poi jugglers


and a really good vibe. Unlike at techno events it was just so colorful – both what people wore and how they decorated. Techno can be so serious sometimes!

My favorite DJ of the night was called Second Side, from Germany. I thought Germans did techno best, but it seems they can also put out some killer psy trance! It’s also notable that I’m taking note of a psy trance DJ’s name. Til now I knew none of them.

I also liked the size of the event at around 3000 people. The 30,000 at Psy Fi made it a much bigger project to accomplish. This was close to home and easy to navigate – perfect for a professional partier with too many amazing parties nearby and too little time to get to them all.

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