Listen to music free online: Our Picks for October 2016

This year at ADE, at Afterlife specifically, I found an absolute new favorite, DIXON. I still don’t know how to adequately describe the journey he took us on.

I first appreciated the fact that he himself was in the shadows, allowing us to focus on the full audio and visual experience, rather than the usual ego trip of spotlighting the DJ. The entire set seemed to travel through time, from prehistory to today – somehow.

The video doesn’t capture any of the incredible visuals that accompanied his set. I can’t even call him a mere DJ, he’s a complete musical artist. Some of the power of his music is captured here. Give it time. Give it the whole 7 minutes to feel the vortex as he drew us in. This is not your usual techno.

Below is a set he did with Ame, with whom he teams up often.