Industrial techno?!

herr zimmermanI’m heading to the Herr Zimmerman festival this weekend. It features several industrial techno music artists I’ve never heard before, including Vitalic, Fraulein Z (yay, a lady DJ), Tansman and others.

I’m normally not into industrial techno, finding it too harsh and noisy, but I think I’ll give it a shot. Why? Because it’s in Delft and I’ve never partied in Delft, and it’s in an old factory, which sounds like a super cool dance music event venue.  The SoundCloud pages sounded pretty good, and a couple of cool people are going who I haven’t seen in awhile.

Oh and the cat on their event poster is just so cute. 

So at the very least I’ll enjoy all those things and if the music isn’t to my taste, I don’t have to stay all night, right?



I have to wonder if I was simply not meant to go to this thing. I woke up feeling unsettled and nervous, but I didn’t know why. I mean, I was going to a party in a new place with new people but that’s hardly unusual for me. Why was I feeling such unease? Then I went to the station and you heard about my extraordinarily slow bus ride to Den Haag, then I caught the train to Delft. Thinking I had all the time in the world to kill, I had a lovely late lunch on a terras in Delft, then took a nice long nap.

Then I got a message from my friend Eric that “he had arrived!” Arrived where, I wondered? Delft, the NL after his latest trip? I took another look at my ticket and realized the party was already half over. AAAAACK!

Ran into the shower and into a taxi, who *promptly got us completely lost*. I kid you not. I’d have thought he was just taking me for a “long” ride, but he was following the GPS which I could see was programmed for the address on my ticket. He himself said, But I thought it was the other way….but in the end, we didn’t see the party in either place! We were texting my friend, who said it was indeed at the address on the ticket. Somehow, the *third* time we drove down the same road, we both saw it. Arrrgh!

My two new friends found me quickly and two glasses of white wine were drunk in one swell foop. Then it started to rain! There was a big indoor hall but it was packed and I didn’t like the sound of the music, so I stayed outside huddled right next to the DJ truck, as there was a sort of awning there. About 10 or 15 of us huddled there, dancing our patooties off because the music was just so awesome, in the pouring rain. Most ended up getting soaked; I managed to keep my shoes and socks dry enough somehow.

This festival felt perhaps the most welcoming of any I’ve been to, and I noticed something interesting about the dancing: industrial techno folks dance like I do. Or I dance like they do. Everywhere I looked, there were people with my same rhythm – maybe that’s why I felt it was so welcoming?? It was fun and easy to get into each other’s groove, and this does not happen to me normally. Normally they are all doing that Dutch footwork dance, some of you know the one. This was different. We were all on this same groovy wavelength.

And at that truck anyway, it just seemed to me to be great techno, not noisy, buzzy, screechy industrial sounds like I had expected. There was some of that all over the place, mind you, but it was not all like that. Lesson learned – it was a great festival and the venue, the old factory (once FOUND) was superb. Lots of places to sit and perch when tired, lots of places to get close to the DJs when inspired. The music definitely had an industrial and electro feel overall; I think maybe I’ve gotten gradually close enough to it with my usual techno that I liked it pretty well.

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  1. I love techno and was an amateur DeeJay as a kid with 2 turntables. I’ve never been to an event like this but after reading it I am curios. I feel like I’m too old to go out like this but hey- why not, right? Thanks for sharing and best wishes.

    1. One of the things I love about the Netherlands is that old folks still go out! Sometimes we swap stories about who’s taking care of the kids while we’re gone. 🙂 Hey the DJs are getting older too and there are more and more daytime events – so it’s more doable than ever! I hope maybe you’ll dare to try an event near you sometime – you’ll see how much fun it still is!

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