Ibiza – Not Just for Techno Anymore

Just got back last night. Before I left, I remember thinking that this would probably be my last trip to Ibiza, especially seeing as I don’t particularly like doing all nighters anymore, and that’s when the techno plays in Ibiza. Instead, I’ve come home feeling like I’ll definitely go back, even with the closing of Space and the departure of our beloved Carl Cox.

Somehow, I managed to see this twice, without feeling like killing myself: Sunrise. The rest of the time, with lovely friends Kerri and Michelle, we dozed on the beach, ate near the sea, slept a lot and of course, danced ourselves silly. Twice – first at Space with the legendary Carl Cox and second at Amnesia with Marco Carola.

20160907_073626_resizedWhat I haven’t yet figured out is exactly what happened at Space. All the DJs prior to Carl Cox (David Squillace, Nina Kraviz and Eats Everything), all seasoned top global DJs, were so incredibly boring! We literally stood around from 11pm til 3am hoping. And then Carl Cox got on and spun the set of a lifetime. He’s closing Space and departing, and I felt like he pulled out all the stops to show us the entire world of techno. What a true legendary master of the genre. It was incredible. But how could all the others do so badly? That is a mystery to me.IMG-20160911-WA0000_resized

During our recovery period, we saw incredible sunsets at the hotel like this one. We were so able to relax, I figure that’s why we were able to recover so well and do it all again a couple of days later. Then it was on to Music On with Marco Carola. I have to say, Amnesia is probably the nicest club I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Just a beautiful design with amazing visuals, plenty of “up high” places for short people like me, and a superb sound system. Too bad Marco Carola never did it for me musically all night long. I was very surprised about that. I preferred Apollonia in the other room, although they were nowhere near as amazing as Carl Cox. Still, in such a beautiful club with great friends, good music was enough to make the night a total success. Our friend Michelle went there for Hyte a couple of nights before, and it sounds like it was truly spectacular – so that’s what I’ll be going there for next.

old town ibizaI also had heard that we should really go outside the club zone to see some of the real beauty of Ibiza. I found it right in Old Town. It was one of the most picturesque Spanish villages I’ve ever seen! (And I’ve seen a lot of them). So I’m now inspired to visit and see more of the island. I’ve decided that Ibiza is some sort of sacred ground, and sacred grounds are often trampled by those who have no respect, and Ibiza is no different. But it’s beauty is real, and there is real, wonderful music there as well. Count me in on the next trip.

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