Gare and Gaiser: Not Up to Expectations

Well, it was an experiment, right?

The venue was cool, but what you see here is almost all there is:


There’s the bar there in front of you, and the dance floor on the left. It is a cool space, but I thought there’d be more to it. Not that I mind small clubs…I just had the impression of something larger. The sound quality was not what I am used to here in the Netherlands (yes, spoiled brat speaking here, and I realize the sound I desire just may not be possible in a converted wine cellar). The set by Gaiser was good, but not all that special, like what we heard at Loveland a couple weeks ago.

The crowd was young and reasonably friendly but not very diverse or particularly open to visitors. The night was also very hard on my body, but I suspected it would be going in. At 1am, they *still* weren’t letting people in because it was so empty. My dear husband kept me company til midnight, which involved more wine than I usually have, and then inside the club they clearly paid no attention whatsoever to smoking regulations so all in all, it was kind of rough. They also had no laser show because apparently they had previously been using lasers dangerously and had been caught out, so there was no particular light show going on.

I don’t mind giving up the next day to sleeping and recovery if I can gain an amazing experience during the night: great music, new friends, cool light show….

This event was not worth it in the end, but how do you know if you don’t try? In the future I won’t risk very late night events unless I have personal assurances from people who’ve been there that it is worth it, a la Music On or Space in Ibiza (coming up in September). This place had a good reputation, and maybe it is good compared to what else is on offer in Portugal. I’m open to your comments below on: How do you know before you go??

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