Making the most of your next event


Yes, toys. Festivals and all nighters are just more fun with some cool toys to play with. Floaty toysThere’re always the standard glow sticks and glow bracelets, which are still fun, but we can take these things a step further. For example, I’ve always enjoyed seeing people bring cute floaty toys that “dance” in the crowd with the rest of us.


Or how about some LED Poi to make everyone go “Oooooh, aaaaaaah”! They take a bit of practice to learn to use properly, but what fun the learning process is. Just make sure you have a space to practice where you won’t whack any precious items or people.



Where to Shop for These Goodies

I’ll start with a “decorative” favorite supplier of mine: Zazzle.


Zazzle is one of my favorite online sources because they actually seem to “get” dance music and techno. They have cool buttons, stickers, hats, shirts, binders, business cards, posters and lots more. Click the link below and search for Techno Gifts to see the full range of products related to our beloved music scene.

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Zazzle has seriously expanded their offerings in recent years, probably because of the increasing popularity of dance music. I bought this shirt for Victor as a birthday present last year:

techno tshirt

Another site I have come to enjoy for cool dance exercise clothing is Fabletics, located in the UK.

Much more to come – this section is currently under construction!