What to wear, what to wear…

What do you mean, “dance workout clothes,” you may ask? “Don’t you just dress up like you would for any club outing?” Well, I guess you could… it depends on what you plan to be doing at your next electronic dance music event. Are you going to stand around looking hot, or are you planning on, maybe, DANCING?! 

Dance Exercise Clothing and Dancing Shoes for Women

I made the mistake of dressing trendy, even wearing heeled shoes (oops) to my first few dance events in Madrid, Spain. After all, Madrid is a highly fashion-conscious city. But I like to dance for hours on end. After a few months of sweating like crazy, losing the sequins on my outfits, getting the straps caught on people and things, spraining an ankle and losing a couple of toenails, all that went out the window. I now buy proper dance exercise clothing (built-in bras, yes! quick-drying Spandex, great in the rain!) and proper shoes: think trainers, running shoes, tennis shoes and the like. Now I can go all day and all night long. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 16.19.36
They say it’s for aerobics. I say it’s for my next dance music event!

Maybe you know all this. Maybe you’re getting ready for your next big outing, and you reach into your closet for your proper dance clothes and your trusty festival shoes. Ooops! You pull them out and….the shoes are covered in crusted mud! Oh yeah, it rained like crazy at that festival, didn’t it….you even had to toss the socks you wore, they were so ruined at that one.



Hmmm….time for some new shoes, eh?




How about something like this? (Note: they are even waterproof!)

I tried them recently at Amsterdam Dance Event here in the Netherlands, and I can vouch for their comfort (I danced in them for 3 days straight!) and the awed reaction you’ll get from everyone else at the party. These are what mine look like (and you can change the colors and make them flash and blend colors too):


You can buy them here: CIOR Mens Womens Boys Girls 11 Colors Led Sneakers Light Up Flashing Shoes.