And then there are those rare sets…

The sets that move you to your core, that make the rest of the party vanish into the background as you realize you’re hearing something so special and it will never be repeated, because, of course, this is techno.

This happened to me at HYTE, a series of parties that happen in a bunch of cities around the world. It’s a tremendous organization, and the party itself was top notch, with the most amazing lighting (who was the genius who thought of pointing the lasers downwards from the ceiling, instead of out at the crowd like they always do?) It was a super cool effect.








It was also well organized, with enough room to move, friendly people and staff and a crowd with phones in their pockets instead of in front of their faces.

And to make it all even better was the super awesome Meetup group that showed up that night:

They were a totally into it group from Holland, Serbia, Peru and the US, they brought an amazing vibe to the night, and somehow most of us managed to stay together for most of it too.

But…the MUSIC!

The title of “Best Techno Set I’ve Ever Heard” still goes to Carl Cox during his closing season at Space. He covered the entire world of techno somehow, masterfully and brilliantly, and I’ll never forget it. But “Most Beautiful Music I’ve Ever Heard,” has now gone twice to Chris Liebing. Two years ago at Welcome to the Future, and again this past Friday night. Techno? Beautiful? Really? Really.

His signature sound is one of the strongest, deepest and most powerful basslines of any DJ out there, and he puts it at a good clip, around 130 bpm, putting it firmly in the techno category (as opposed to progressive). But then he mixes it with such divine melodies, pads, quiet moments and a story-like journey, which is all so beautiful to hear. Strength and beauty: it’s always been my goal with my own music, and it’s always what I love to hear best. Chris Liebing is my techno hero!

I recommend Hyte, I recommend Chris, and I recommend you all join me at one of our fabulous Techno Lovers Meetups with people who really love and understand techno music.

Coming from out of town? Drop me a line at and I’ll set you up with an event you’ll never forget.

Finally, a housekeeping note – I see the links somehow got broken on my DJ  Recommendations page. I have fixed them. Enjoy!


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