About Juliette and the DML team

me raving small
Juliette Raving at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), 2015.

Welcome! I’m Juliette Siegfried, a former vinyl techno DJ (DJ Zelda) from the Washington DC area of the United States.

I’m passionate about techno music artists in particular, but I love and appreciate most forms of electronic dance music – as long as they are not too commercial. If you are visiting my site, you probably fall into one of three categories:

1. “I’m curious about electronic dance music events but I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know the DJs or the dance music genres well at all.”

2. “I love electronic dance music culture. I’ve been to local parties and now I want to find the best new dance music and go to the best electronic dance music events in the world. I also want to meet more dance music lovers like me.”

3. “DJing sure looks like a lot of fun! Where do I start to learn to DJ?” (You’re right, it’s a blast).

I have put together this site to show people the amazing scene that swept me up into a world of new dance music, new friends, and a new way of life.

For new folks who are curious what “EDM music” is all about, I will explain and help you get a feel what makes the scene so special compared to the mainstream “McMusic” commercial scene. And for those who are learning to DJ, I’ve been there and can get you started on the road to tons of fun getting deeper with the dance music you love. Finally, for those of you who’ve been involved in the scene a while, I hope to take you further – to show you the very best of the best in new dance music, DJs and electronic dance music festivals and events in the world – many of which are coming soon to a venue near you.

This is because the current trend among these event promoters is to take their show on the road. The very best events in the world are taking flight and setting up shop all over the globe, which means you can experience them without having to fly overseas – although you might also find that fun to do! I’ll be letting you know which dance music DJs and electronic dance music festivals are worth your money for the unparalleled experiences they offer, whether you choose to attend them close to home or even to come visit me here in the Netherlands, currently one of the best destinations for dance music in the world, for a party or festival.

If you’re new to electronic dance music, you might enjoy starting with our terminology page to help you get oriented to the scene.

You can read on to learn more about me and my DanceMusicLover (DML) partners, or skip straight to our main areas:

Soon we will also have forums specifically dedicated to house, trance, and techno music.

Juliette’s late-in-life entry into the electronic dance music scene

I discovered electronic dance music events in 1996 at the relatively late age of 29. I burst into tears upon hearing it, both because I loved it so much and because I thought I was too late in life to be able to enjoy it. After all, everyone around me at that first party was about 18 years old!

The next day, I put out a message on the then-new Internet asking if there was anyone over age 25 who loved electronic dance music. I was quickly adopted by DC’s “Ravers Geriatric” group, with whom I began learning to DJ almost immediately. I was soon performing around the region and leading a Yahoogroup called Amtrak DJs, so called for the musical “trainwrecks” that new DJs often make.

dj zelda buzz
Me, DJ Zelda at Buzz, circa 2001.

I then ran a DJ school in Washington DC for 3 years and I performed from 1998 until 2005 in the US and in Spain, after we moved there in 2003. In 2010 my husband and I moved to the Netherlands. I have switched from vinyl to digital mixing, more for fun than for profit these days. Mostly I enjoy dancing here in “techno paradise” in the Netherlands and traveling to electronic dance music festivals all over the world. I host a large techno lovers Meetup group and I gather people together at events whenever and wherever I can.

Meetup Dockyard
My Techno Lovers Meetup Group in Amsterdam. There’s Alex Young in the back left!

I just *love* introducing new people to electronic music events, and also meeting others like me who have been in the scene for many years. I have great taste in music and I know what it takes to be prepared for a festival, for dancing all day or night (or for several days), and how to learn to DJ. Follow me, Juliette Siegfried, on Facebook to keep up with my endless dance shenanigans in the Netherlands and all over Europe. Do note you’ll also see stuff about my unusual family and about living in the Netherlands, which is actually kind of interesting. I have a private techno group on Facebook as well – message me to join that.

I’d also love to have more contributors from around the world, people who are dedicated scenesters with experience and a flair for writing about events, music or artists. Write to me at juliette at dancemusiclover dot com if you are interested.

My ultimate goal is to enrich and enhance your experience with dancing, finding the most comfortable dancing clothes for a long day or night out, making music, learning to DJ and making new friends in this amazing scene of ours. I hope you’ll always feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you have.

I’m already supported on this website by another true dance music lover, Víctor Cruz Fernandez. Víctor and I have been dancing together since 2005 and he is an expert in the gay party scene and in after parties!

Víctor and I at the DGTL festival
Víctor and I at the DGTL festival April 2016.