DGTL 2017

This was my second time at DGTL; last year I just went on Sunday with Victor. Interestingly, I remember not being all that impressed with the music on Sunday, hence my choice to also go to Saturday this year. Funny how things work out!

First big problem: the lockers were maybe 1.5 k from the rest of the party, and it was COLD. We had to either leave our jackets in the lockers or risk losing them on the dance floor. I left my jacket and took my gloves and yep, each day I ended up losing them. Not cool – or actually, very cold. Brrrr.

Saturday’s music turned out to be rather mellow – not what I was in the mood for. We had a 30-person Meetup group, of which I ended up meeting maybe 3 new people in the end, plus the regulars. We kind of wandered around looking for something to grab us and it didn’t happen. Several people told me that this is typical for DGTL, that Saturday is mellow and Sunday is much harder. The one saving grace on Saturday was the closer, Stephan Bodzin. I’ve wanted to see him for some time now, and I was not disappointed. I call him the “King of Melodic Techno.” He plays only live sets, so it was a bit short, but very sweet. It was *almost* hard enough and he is truly creative and talented.

So after that, I had gotten a taste of great music, and I wanted more – so I did what I never do: the after party. Sooo glad I did!


Adriatique was incredible; just what I needed. Perfect techno, every minute of it. Not too hard, not too soft, deep and enveloping. And some drops that made the crowd simply ROAR. I was too tired to stay after Adriatique, but Sasha and our fun new friend Mila stayed on for Maceo Plex and Jennifer Cardini, who they said were amazing as well. Next year, Saturday’s after party is on the docket for sure!

Sunday was a pleasant change for the better. We really enjoyed Sandrien, who is hugely popular but I hadn’t really been so impressed as I was this day. She was super energetic and had us yelling for more. Sandrien was followed by Speedy J who I usually find too hard but not this time!

The day party was wrapped up with Rodhad, who was also excellent. Much good dancing was had and we cheerfully headed to the after – where the first DJ was so unbelievably boring, we left before he/she/they even finished! Bummer and a waste of €20. However, the day wasn’t a waste, thankfully.

How was your DGTL experience? Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments.