Techno Music Artists Tale of Us Make Me Religious

This is what I’m talking about. I’m not religious, but dance music DJs Tale of Us makes me believe in something divine. The real (and only, for me) musical stars of the DGTL festival on Sunday were Tale of Us. If you like deep, melodic and bass-heavy techno, check ’em out. Hakam was also quite good, very musically talented and he mixed in Arabic singing/chanting with techno at one point which I thought was very touching and timely.

DGTL Festival: Classiest Rave Ever.

DGTL1Well that was the classiest rave I have ever been to, and it had nothing to do with sushi or oyster bars. Friends, put this one on your short list for next year. Easter weekend, DGTL. Day and night tix available. We now see why the review said that “DGTL commands deep respect across Europe.”

To start with, it was the cleanest festival I’ve ever attended. Welcome to The Future tried to do something similar with encouraging people to turn in cups others had thrown away, but it always peters out early in the day and the place eventually gets just as trashed. Here, they used very high quality, thick plastic cups and you got a half credit for bringing them back to the bar, which quickly added up to more free drinks (1 credit per beer, 1.5 credits per wine)
and we didn’t see a stray cup ANYWHERE (or if we did we scooped it right up, all day long). Very effective.

Funktion 1 sound system. Take a listen. Hear it live and you’ll start criticizing sound quality like you never have before.

New Fave DJs: Tale of Us.

Fantastic industrial wharf site for techno, on the water, with a massive giant crane popping up through the middle of it. Nothing green to be seen here, if you want that check out the summer festivals.

State of the art lights and visuals, with 3-D stuff overhead, totally added to the experience.

Getting around was made extremely easy, toilets were clean and always available.

Great crowd, on the young side, but all were true technohedz, I got no creepy guys at all. NICE. Of course it helped that I was mostly hanging with my first Meetup group, which included several lovely folks from the Netherlands and a visitor from the US, all of whom knew their stuff when it came to techno, and I learned some really interesting things about the scene here. For one thing daytime parties, and multiple-day parties all year round are here and here to stay. The city understandably prefers them to night festivities and the influx of rowdy people on the streets at 5-6am. Sweet! My body is already cheering.

Oh and you can get your money back for unused drink coins if you bought them online (which I did)! That is something I never expected a festival would allow. I assume they must have upped the ticket price a bit, but they are all around €45 these days anyway. At least I feel like I’m getting a whole lot for my money, for an 11-hour daytime experience.

Overall just a very professional, authentic and well-done event that should raise the bar for all other festivals. Goodness we are some lucky and spoiled ravers around here.

Top o’ The World: Timewarp, Mannheim Germany 2016

timewarp 2016
Lineup for Timewarp, electronic dance music festival in Germany.

Not going to Timewarp, one of the most famous electronic dance music events this year. But DAYUM look at that lineup. Some of you say to me, “Juliette, I heard about X event, but I don’t know the names. Are they any good? Help me.”

All the names here are good, if not great. Every last damn one of ’em. In fact I’m glad I’m not going, because I’d be completely paralysed. Where do I go? What do I do?

Anyway, memorise this list in no particular order and yeah, you’ll know most of the names. At least for now.

Guess I’m working myself out of a job…